The Fully Equipped Oasis

A place for Physical Rest & Spiritual Renewal

 Fully Equipped Oasis (FEO) provides a safe space for missionaries, pastors and Christian aid workers to share their burdens—without fear of judgement or consequence—as a part of a restorative program designed to alleviate the pressures associated with a life dedicated to ministry. This is a not-for-profit Ministry.



A Ministry of Life Impact

Fully Equipped Oasis is proud to serve under the umbrella of Life Impact Ministries, which exists to support hosted places of rest, retreat and renewal for International Workers and Christian leaders.



Why Rest?

The Oasis ministry is centered around rest. It's one thing to find rest of body and mind, but it's another thing altogether to find rest of soul. The scripture teaches us that the essence of the Christian walk is to find rest in Christ.

The sabbath rest found all through the Old Testament is restated in the new testament as resting from our efforts to live life pleasing to God. Christ invites us to enter into his rest where he carries our burdens and exchanges them for His peace.



It's About the Soul

We understand that all of life is lived out of what we believe. It's easy to say we believe something and have it expressed in a poster on the wall, but if our behavior doesn't reflect it, it's simply wishful thinking. We cannot fool our soul for it expresses the reality of what we believe.  Biblical soul care results in a changed life.