...As he wiped the tears rolling down his tan cheeks, he told a story of abuse, rape, racial discrimination, personal failure and desperation. Without any sense of self-pity, he spoke of the abuse he experienced at the hands of his mother, his uncle, his Father’s friend and the neo-Nazi’s... 

 Fully Equipped Oasis (FEO) provides a safe space for missionaries, pastors and Christian aid workers to share their burdens—without fear of judgement or consequence—as a part of a restorative program designed to alleviate the pressures associated with a life dedicated to ministry. This is a not-for-profit Ministry.

Fully Equipped Oasis is proud to serve under the umbrella of Life Impact Ministries, which exists to support hosted places of rest, retreat and renewal for International Workers and Christian leaders.


As a foodie, I like to use Soul Food as an analogy of the beauty of sanctification in our lives. Soul Food is also comfort food which tends to have ingredients that on the surface are often inexpensive and tough.  We are that ingredient that has rough edges and tough parts that make us difficult to digest, unless we submit to the special process that God puts us through.