Life Impact Ministries


Life Impact Ministries supports a network of Oases where global workers and leaders can seek rest, retreat and renewal in the presence of Jesus. Each Oasis is hosted by experienced staff with unique gifts, callings and experiences the especially equip them to lead those experiencing missional burnout back to the Cross.


The Martens' Life Impact Story

From Experiencing Burnout to Fighting It

When Kristie and Franz first began contemplating how, as veteran missionaries who had themselves experienced burnout, could serve kingdom laborers, they were totally unaware an organization was already doing they work they dreamed of one day committing their lives to.

To the Glory of God alone, a mutual friend introduced the Martens to Life Impact Ministries and—over the course of a year—Franz and Kristie longed more and more to become a part their growing network of Oases.

Life Impact's commitment to the mission field, and to caring to laborers experiencing the symptoms of burnout, embodied the ideals Franz and Kristie longed to model in their own ministry. And so, in 2016, the Martens officially committed to establish an Oasis in Berlin.


The Letter

Understanding the Ministry of Life Impact

Many Pastors and Missionaries don't realize before it's too late that they need a rest. Sometimes faithful people in their lives have the courage to point it out.  The following is such a story.


History of Life Impact


Life Impact Ministries was started by David and Sheri Grissen, long-term missionaries with The Navigators, in order to provide Missionary Care services to international workers in a hosted facility called an “Oasis.”

During their 30 years on the field, leading teams of colleagues while working through their own personal issues, they became convinced they wanted to pass on their experience—the good, the bad, and even the ugly—to younger missionaries.

For three years, Life Impact's only Oasis was the Grissen's home in Sunriver, OR. Then, in 2006, the ministry's Board of Directors asked the David and Sheri to develop a strategic plan for opening a network of oases,

In faith, the Grissens put together a plan and sent it to their circle of intercessors. Less than two months later, Jim and Carol Wold made a commitment to open a second Oasis in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

With the Wolds' experience ministering to Pastors, Life Impact expanded its ministry focus to include pastoral care. Now, both missionaries and pastors are welcome to seek rest and renewal in Life Impact oases.

Six months after the Wolds opened Life Impact South Dakota, Amber Stark was led to open an oasis in Slovakia—expanding Life Impact's footprint overseas!

The last 10 years, Life Impact has seen tremendous growth. Rapidly expanding both in the U.S. and abroad, Life Impact now operates 12 oases, with more to come! Each oasis host's unique journey to Life Impact informs how they go about providing places of rest for pastors, missionaries and Christian aid workers in 10 countries around the world.

Following the Grissen's retirement in 2015, David and Theresa Knauss assumed leadership of Life Impact Ministries and have since steadily moved the organization further toward accomplishing its mission.

Though no longer at the helm, David and Sheri remain active in the work, freely offering their guidance and support to oasis hosts and Life Impact staff.

Life Impact has been blessed to assemble a team of Jesus-loving caregivers committed to providing places for missionaries, pastors and Christian aid workers to rest, retreat, and process issues they face everyday as ministers of the Gospel.

Life Impact’s plans for the future include continued expansion of their network of oases, both in the U.S. and abroad. Every Oasis that is established means more missionaries, pastors, and workers who are helped amidst the tremendous pressures of ministry in an increasingly hostile and tumultuous world.

Life Impact exists to create safe havens for workers to be restored by experiencing Christ's mercy, faithfulness, and unconditional love. At Life Impact, we steadfastly believe this meaningful work will help to stem missional attrition, and improve our effectiveness—as the global Church—in reaching the nations with the Good News.