General Requests (Always needed)

  • Global workers often don't realize they need help. Pray they will recognize the need and find an Oasis

  • For the workers we are ministering to now

  • Guidance and Wisdom to be effective with workers

Specific Requests and Thanksgiving (Updated Nov 7)

  • We need more monthly supporters or some significant one-time gifts. Since our arrival last year, we have lost some sponsors and seen some of our expenses rise. This is an urgent need. We need wisdom on how to accomplish this.

    • Update: We have brought another church on board as a financial partner. Praise God for that!

  • Pray for the various men's bible studies Franz leads. Not only do we minister to Global workers, but we also care for the men in our church and community. We want to see them become men of God, serving their families, churches and communities.

    • Update: Franz has led over 112 Bible Studies this year and the men are starting to really respond to the Word of God.

  • Pray for the provision of a car. Currently we ride bikes, but with winter coming we will be reduced to walking. This adds many hours to our day as we attempt to commute to ministry connections.

    • Update: Still no car in sight. Actually, our support level would have to come up in order to afford the car, so maybe the delay is good.

  • Please pray for our grown children in Florida. They are struggling with life and making healthy decisions.

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